Alfa romeo tonale

A kjøredynamikken blir løftet til en ny dimensjon med Tonale Concept. In addition, it should offer a plug-in-hybrid powertrain with a short electric-driving range. See full list on caranddriver. While we await official details on the version that will hit U. Of course, an all-wheel-drive system undoubtedly will be available to satisfy consumer demands.

The plug-in hybrid model will have a rear-mounted electric motor to assist an internal combustion engine up front—most likely a turbocharged four-cylinder. If the rumors about the plug-in-hybrid version being associated with the Jeep Compass and Renegade PHEVsare true, it could have an electric-only range of about miles.

Alfa romeo tonale

The circular air vents and the driver-centric dashboard are obviously evolved from current Alfa models. The adoption of front-wheel drive could help with interior packaging compared with rear-drive Alfas.

However, that space could be compromised by the battery pack and electric motor that define plug-in hybrids. The Tonale concept boasted a 10. The former allows people to connect with Alfa clubs and community events, and the latter offers a virtual marketplace to buy performance parts and Alfa -branded merchandise. We anticipate other traditional content such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an optional premium audio system.

Alfa romeo tonale

Limited warranty covers years or 50miles 2. Powertrain warranty covers years or 50miles 3. Foreløpig som hybri men vi får kanskje også en helt elektrisk Alfa om noen år. Det mest sannsynlige er imidlertid hybridversjoner av de eksisterende modellene. Tonale kommer som plug-in hybrid med bensinmotor på framakselen og elmotor på bakakselen. The design of the Tonale is an expression that looks fondly into our future.

Its compact dimensions embody unique Italian design and the unmistakable origina. The Italian brand is struggling to meet the expectations when it comes to the larger Giulia and Stelvio models, and the Tonale is seen as a saviour. Unfortunately, its launch will be delaye according to a new report.

The reason is new CEO Jean-Phillippe Imparato is highly unimpressed. FREKK HEKK: Sammenlignet med dagens Stelvio, har Alfa tatt et langt steg i riktig retning med Tonale. That launch has now been. I dag har Alfa kun tre modellserier – Giulia og Giulietta i tillegg til Stelvio, så om de skal komme i nærheten av sine salgsmål på 400.

Tonale skal være en liten SUV mindre enn Stelvio slik jeg forstår. Alfa Romeo skal visstnok komme med en ny modell mot midten av neste år. Denna modell är under samma CMP-plattform som fordon som DS Crossback och Opel Corsa. Denna plattform har stöd för batteri, så en Tonale EV är ett annat alternativ.

Interior And Comfort. It’s humbling to see how its combination of beauty and functionality has captured car buyer’s imaginations and that they are as excited to see the final version on the roads as we are.

A report from Automotive News Europe suggests the delay. Images reportedly showing the. Das neue Kompakt-SUV basiert technisch auf dem Jeep Compass.

Neben einem 1PS kräftigen 3-Liter-Vierzylinder-Turbobenziner ist mit einem wahlweise 1oder 1PS starken 0-Liter-Turbodiesel zu rechnen. Starting off with the exterior, the resemblance to the Tonale concept is clear but not as striking as some would have hoped for.

A riferirlo sono alcune voci interne al brand riportate da Automotive News Europe che dichiarano come il nuovo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato desideri una versione ibrida plug-in del SUV ancora più performante. Jetzt gibt es erneut eine Verschiebung. Meanwhile, the top Tonale variant is rumoured to have outputs in the region of 2hp.

We can see that Tonale features a gear selector similar to the Jeep Compass, as well as floating tablet-like infotainment system, and massive thin-film-transistor (TFT) screen. Ker avtomobilov ne proizvajamo, ampak jih ustvarjamo.

Touching moment elementary children applaud school worker for passing citizenship test. We knew Alfa was going to bring something new – and now we know what is. Se sijoittuu mallistossa suuremman Stelvion alapuolelle.

Malli tulee saataville ainakin ladattavana hybridimallina. Er füllt endlich die Lücke des fehlenden Kompakt-SUVs bei den Italienern. Mit seinem temperamentvollen Auftritt sorgt er zusätzlich für Abwechslung im Vergleich zu den meisten Konkurrenten in seiner Klasse. The brand desperately needs to tap into the wildly expanding compact crossover market.

Navrhnutý bol v duchu tradícií Alfy Romeo, a síce tak, aby poskytoval nové a intenzívne emócie. Thankfully, and more or less as expecte production of the Tonale was confirmed and now, as shared by Carbuzz, we now know when it’s coming. This move, which ultimately faile spelt the end for the Mito and Guilietta, the latter of which was finally discontinued last year. Toch kun je het beter beschouwen als een nieuwkomer die zo goed mogelijk zal worden.

It is a five Seater vehicle which has considerable room and a comfortable environment with lots of connectivity. Alloy Wheels are 21-inches to give a high profile to this SUV. It is expected to have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a rear-wheel-drive architecture.

Alfa romeo tonale

De har også laget flymotorer og annet krigsmateriell. The C-SUV is expected to become the best-selling vehicle for the Italian brand by offering a wide range of gasoline, diesel, and electrified options around the globe. Find out how it drives and what features set the ALFA ROMEO Tonale apart from its main rivals.

La marca italiana ha pisado el acelerador en el desarrollo del segundo SUV de la marca, y con el que rellenarán el hueco dejado por el. Voici ce qui se dit à son sujet.


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